Real Estate

I've been interested in buildings ever since childhood. At one point my brother (a future architect) and I created a small doll house company that sold through Marshall Fields, Nieman Marcus, and Dayton's, as well as other venues. Later as a fiber artist I went from weaving tapestry rugs to weaving buildings with stairs around them. Now I enjoy dealing with the real thing.

I have lived in Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, upstate New York and South America and have lived in and loved New Mexico for many years. My background is in education and the visual arts and I hold an education degree from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm the former head of the Fiber Arts department at Syracuse University in New York and later taught textile design at La Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. While in Colombia I also ran a successful rug weaving studio with several weavers. Because of this experience I am bilingual and at ease communicating in Spanish.

My background also includes raising three children; a daughter and twin sons, which honed my skills as a mediator and negotiator and taught me great patience. My years teaching and operating a weaving studio developed sound research and communication abilities, which make it easier for me to stay up with the latest developments and to communicate efficiently with my clients.

When I first moved to Santa Fe in 1997 I worked in a small, magical town called Chimayo, and later worked for the Museums of New Mexico. These experiences have given me such a depth of knowledge of the area that it has led to my being hired as a tour guide by college groups. It also gives me an extensive love and appreciation for the three cultures which make up New Mexico.

I am still fascinated by this entire area and its history which I continue to explore. And I love this business of real estate, bringing enthusiasm and knowledge to the field, which has made me an award winning realtor.

 My Art

I define myself as a fiber artist since creating my work with fiber is of paramount importance.  Utilizing the tapestry technique is also important. Tapestry allows a wide range of designs. Originally I would simply sit at the loom and begin to improvise at the loom.  Patterns and forms would emerge with no prior planning. I also only wove with wool yarn I had hand dyed using plants, minerals or bugs. But at some point I realized that I wanted a particular color of burgundy, and to achieve that color could mean dyeing huge quantities of yarn as it wasn’t possible for me, dyeing with natural dyes, to always achieve an exact color.  It was then I discovered cotton embroidery floss with its huge range of colors. Also at this time I began to live with an architect and slowly my weavings became more and more 3 dimensional. The first pieces were simply layered. But then they became truly 3-dimensional and were based on Sienese Renaissance paintings where the artists had rediscovered perspective. I took those paintings as a basis and recreated them in 3 dimensions.  I am also fascinated by stairs for their ability to suggest mysteries and hidden spaces. More and more my weavings have become inundated with stairs and this has complicated my life tremendously.